Know where you came from

Studies show that children who know their family history have a greater sense of identity

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A Memory Video is like insurance for your memories.  Keep your memories of loved ones alive for future generations.

We make it easy and affordable for you to record, edit, and share interviews – because we do it for you VIRTUALLY – of the most important people in your life.  

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Memories fade and Time does not wait. 


“Every family should have a memory video”

– Will Price, son of Kent ( client) 


People turning 65 in the US every day

Age by which most important memories are made

More likely that facts are remembered if they are part of a story

Our Goals

Go Beyond Photos

Let’s combine video with photos and music.


Save the Stories

 Let’s preserve the stories that provide the reasons we are who we are today.

Remember Personalities

Describing someone’s personality without video or audio is difficult.  Make them easier to remember.

Hear a Familiar Voice

 When you miss someone, hearing their voice can be one of the most beautiful sounds in the world.  Let’s save it.

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Memory Video = Stories + Personality + Voice + Seeing

We create documentary videos of your loved one that captures their story, personality, and voice and combine visual aids such as photos and maps, to create a valuable keepsake.  We do this virtually and remotely using technology.    

Technology at your fingertips

If you lived through the COVID-19 Pandemic, most likely you’ve used technologies such as Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom.

Top Stories

Together we make all the difference

The 30 Year Age Gap

The 30 Year Age Gap

My thoughts on the “30 year age gap” and something you should know about. What does a guy (me) who has a Sociology and Accounting degree, worked in senior living since 2009, and lost both parents early in life - what do I think about?   I think about generations...

“Thank you so much for sending the video. It made me sad but proud of Dad. I do miss him. If Kyle wants to use this video, please do. I like the incorporation of pictures and maps. Thank you again.”


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