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Memories fade, Memory Video-it and relive them over again.

Our Mission & Vision

The reality was, most of us would not have a memoir or biography written of us, or a documentary recording our lives, our personalities, and wisdom, to be shared with our loved ones and future generations.  This goes for ourselves and also older loved ones, who we don’t know how much time we have left with.

Despite having the technology at our fingertips to enable us to digitally save what truly matters for the past decade or so, there is something holding us back from doing it effectively.  Either we record things informally with our smart phones (special moments) and these then get buried among literally thousands of digital photos and videos; or we just put off talking to our older relatives (and recording it), who are the bridge to a past era that we might never discover.

Hence, we created MemoryVideo.com.

We felt it was the right time to combine the confluence of emerging technologies (virtual meeting, video editing, and AI) which lowers the cost of making high quality digital memoirs, and connect you with professionals (our interviewers) who have a deep appreciation for history, wisdom, and storytelling.  By helping you produce and curate digital artifacts of the most important people in your lives, we hope you will enjoy an invaluable asset that greatly appreciates with time.  We’re here to help.


Think of us for:

  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Retirements
  • Prior to medical procedures
  • Birth of child or grandchild
  • Any time you think life is short

One of the most tear jerking recent movies of all time is the Disney movie, Coco, with the ending song “Remember Me” sung by a boy named Miguel to his grandma.  The main theme of the movie was: we die twice, once physically and the second time, later on, when we are forgotten.  

Our Goals

Go Beyond Photos

Let’s combine video with photos and music.


Save the Stories

 Let’s preserve the stories that provide the reasons we are who we are today.

Remember Personalities

Describing someone’s personality without video or audio is difficult.  Make them easier to remember.

Hear a Familiar Voice

 When you miss someone, hearing their voice can be one of the most beautiful sounds in the world.  Let’s save it.

Our Team

About the Founder:

Kyle Oura works in the senior living industry and developed a passion for recording the stories of elderly residents and giving their families an unexpected gift of a preserved memory that could be shared with future generations.  His mom and dad passed away early in his life and he wishes everyday that he could share the memories of his parents with his children.  Kyle wants to help you create a living library of memories that could one day become one of your most precious keepsakes.  Also, ask him about his experience caring for his dad.

Movies that made me cry: Coco, Interstellar

Gabbie Carvalho - Zooterbee

Gabbie Carvalho


Movies that made me cry: Titanic, Bridge to Terabithia

Cindy Chen Zooterbee Life memories

Cindy Chen


Movies that made me cry: Stepmom, Curious Case of Benjamin Button

If you’ve ever felt the feeling of “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone,” we want to help you save those precious memories in a meaningful way.

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