The biggest lesson I learned from Grandmother was the value of having hobbies, finding your passions, and no matter what-enjoying the process.

My grandmother had a love for art, history, and creating new things. I loved doing arts and crafts as a kid. Grandmother was one of my inspirations to my creative side. She had many hobbies. She spun her own yarn and thread from wool. She had a loom and loved to weave. She liked to knit. She loved to collect art and historic pieces. Her list of hobbies went on and on.

It didn’t matter what it was, I loved learning new things from my grandmother. She taught me how to knit. She taught me how to use her typewriter when we visited. One year, she got my brother and I weaving looms from the toy store and taught us how to weave. She taught my entire class how to make thread from wool, and how to weave our own baskets.

The big field trip in fourth grade was to go to Sutter’s Fort. We spent all year learning about the history of the California Gold Rush, and the Agricultural Trade Colony established by John Sutter. My grandmother drove all the way down from Carson City to teach us how to make thread and weave baskets. The whole class was amazed that my grandmother knew how.

After she visited, nearly every classmate of mine came up to me and said, “Wow, your grandma is so cool!”

Yes. She was.

Learning new things from my grandmother was something I always enjoyed growing up. She taught me the joy of having hobbies, and the importance of finding your passions. Most importantly, she taught me how to enjoy the process.

When working on any project, I wanted the final product to be completed before we had even left the art store. I remember feeling so impatient when the project took longer than expected. I would often get frustrated if it didn’t turn out the way I imagined. Grandmother taught me how to appreciate the process of being creative. She taught me to enjoy shopping at the art store and picking out the craft. She taught me how to enjoy learning something new. When I would mess up my knitting pattern, she taught me not only to have the patience, but how to enjoy fixing it. She also taught me to appreciate the challenge, and the joy that followed when you finally figured out how to do something. She taught me how to be proud of the work of art I created.

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Note from the Team:  Gabbie’s grandma really made an impression on Gabbie, which shows in her passion, creativity, patience, and empathy.  However way you do this, either with or without us, this intergenerational bonding is an important part of teaching values and forming character in future generations.