My thoughts on the “30 year age gap” and something you should know about. What does a guy (me) who has a Sociology and Accounting degree, worked in senior living since 2009, and lost both parents early in life – what do I think about?
I think about generations and groups of people.
I think about the number of years it took me to reach the maturity level to finally care about my origin story (family history).
It took about 30 years of life for me.
So, from the day you are born to about 30 – 35 years later, your parents will need to be alive and healthy for that long, meaning they will likely be in their 70’s when you finally ask them about their lives before you and their influences (your grandparents, education, values, and other learnings).
If you are lucky, you will be able to ask them when they are in their 70’s, 80’s or older. Not always the case.
Now, let’s think about your grandparents. They might have been in their 60’s when you where born. Is it likely that you will be able to ask them the important questions about their story when you reach your maturity age? That’s probably less likely.
What I’m saying is, this 30+ year age gap is very real and predictable. Happened to me. I missed out hearing my parents’ story or the stories of my grandparents. Unfortunately they didn’t live long enough.
That’s why I created
There is technology to record the stories virtually using Zoom – that saves their voice, personalities and expressions.
There are people (our Memory Video Professionals – MVPs) who love interviewing people and want to help you. They got into this field because they understand the 30+ year gap and want to help others.
It is so important to know where you come from and preserve it for future generations.
You might have seen other services where someone has to write answers to emailed questions over the course of a year.
An One hour interview with our MVP generates about 15 to 20 pages of stories, if transcribed which we can do. You don’t have to wait a year (or longer if you don’t keep up with those emailed questions).
We feel the Human interviewer is the best way today to save the stories. We can help you make edited documentaries to share and even books. The key is to start with the basic building block – the Memory Video (which is essential, fun, affordable).
Check us out. We have a calendar to sign up for a time slot. Special price only $69 for the basic Memory Video. Probably the best $ you will spend. You know you should do it, but you haven’t yet. We love making memory videos, let us help!
Mahalo and Thank You!
– Kyle Oura, Founder, Dad, History Lover
See why I wished I had a Memory Video of my parents and thought I don’t want you to make the same mistake. Memory Video of my Parents