Memory Video Day for Senior Living Residents

Memory Video Day is Here!

We started because our founding team worked as senior living professionals and wanted to save the amazing life stories of our residents that would be lost forever unless we recorded them. 

Previously, the only options were costly in-person videographer interviews, which were limited to only a few talkative residents and the videos were mainly used for marketing, or possibly there was a creative staff member who found a way to use a storytelling app. 

Because we also have kids in schools, and they have Picture Day, we thought, why not focus on providing Memory Video Day for senior living?  We believe that families and residents should have an option to engage a meaningful service such as this. 

Our mission is to provide an affordable, fun service for senior living residents that is virtual and works well with hardworking senior living staff.  Instead of an app, the interviewees are interviewed by a human, a Memory Video Professional – virtually using tools such as Zoom. 

Our Memory Video Professionals (MVP) love interviewing people and have a heart and passion for history and connecting with people!


Zooterbee Memory Interviews For Businesses

 The Memory Video is the best way to Freeze Time and record life stories

Service is done virtually in the home & senior living community

Our Memory Video Professionals are humans (not robots or AI) and care about preserving your story

A Memory Video preserves the voice, appearance, personality, and story - nothing else is as comprehensive

Make a impact in someone’s life

Document the untold stories of amazing human experiences 

The Opportunity:

Have you ever see a stranger and think “what is it like to be you”? Or hearing someone’s story and can no longer get it out of your head? Documenting the love or loss, joy or sadness of the human experience is a rare chance to forge connection with someone and make an impact in preserving the legacy of someone’s life. There are countless life stories of seniors waiting to be told, saved, and shared, many of them pushed off and delayed due to the priorities of the times. The pandemic further reinforced the need for connection, warmth, positive messaging that people are living their best lives, and rapid adoption of technology.

The Problem:

However, when it comes to who would actually perform the interviews, record the stories, edit the videos, and add some creative flair, that’s where the deep desire is there but the talent and technology do not come into play.

The Solution:

As a Memory Video Professional, you are supported by the staff to provide end-to-end solution to your client. You will be provided with virtual meeting technology, project management tools, expertise in film making, and guidance on how to provide a quality product. You will also get to hear amazing stories of seniors who have such wisdom and knowledge to share. Best part is, you can work from anywhere anytime!

Story Lab Ideas:

  • Life Stories (brief 6 – 10 mins / longer 15+ mins; add photos, maps to the video)
  • Recovery Stories (example: learning to walk again post-stroke; making friends and building community; add photos and relevant videos clips)
  • Experience Stories (musicians, artists, athletes, hobbyists, masters of industry, people who rose to the occasion – we’ve met people who lived through extraordinary times and circumstances, overcame adversity, or practiced over 10,000 hours to be an expert in their craft – let’s hear from them)


Did you know: “Research shows that engaging in reminiscence and storytelling with a loved one can improve their mental, psychological and emotional health, while also helping caregivers personalize their caregiving and improve their connection and communication with their loved one.”  Source: Guideposts Magazine

How it Works:

Get started by contacting the staff & join us on a mission to create human connection and spread happiness.

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